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The coordinate-based deformation monitoring approach, as third step of the stepwise adjustments, is based on the above epoch-state vectors, and - splitting off geodynamics trends - hereby on a multivariate and multi-epochal congruency testing. Finally, cumulative CH4 fluxes over 14 days from three closed-path gas analysers, Gf Picarro Inc. Some of the older closed-path analysers tested do not measure H2O concentrations alongside CH4 i. In this study the open-path LI results were compromised due to a data acquisition problem in our data-logging setup. The instruments were positioned close to each other in order to minimise the effect of varying turbulent conditions. The tested cavity ringdown spectrometer CRDS instruments from Picarro, models Gf and Gf, were superior to other CH4 analysers with respect to instrumental noise.

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