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Gandhi tuhk pandi konteineritesse ja saadeti mälestustseremooniatele India erinevatesse paikadesse. Hoolimata Gandhi kriitikast võitis Bose teisel ametiajal presidendikoha, kuid lahkus Kongressist pärast seda, kui kõik India juhid astusid massiliselt tagasi, kuna Gandhi loobus enda toodud põhimõtetest. Olles lugenud John Ruskini esseesid kuni viimase ajani, otsustas ta oma elustiili muuta ja asutas kommuuni nimega "Phoenixi koloonia". Gandhi usub, et iga religiooni keskmes on õigus ja armastus. Artiklid koosnevad

Hejll, Arvid; Täljsten, Björn; Carolin, Anders To obtain a better knowledge of existing structures behaviour monitoring can be used. The use of monitoring in bridge structures by the use of instruments to assess the integrity of structures is not new and there are reports from structures tested as early as in the 19th century according to ISIS Canada1 However, the term SHM Structural Health Monitoring is relatively new to civil engineering and the driving force to implement SHM comes from recognising the limitations of conventional visual inspections and evaluations using conservative codes of practice.

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The possibilities to monitor existing structures with help of the rapidly evolving Information Technology are to day carried out. The objective of SHM is to monitor the in-situ behaviour of a structure accurately and efficiently, to assess its performance under various service conditions, to detect damage or deterioration, and to determine the health or condition of the structure1.

In Sweden strengthening and periodic monitoring of a large freivorbau bridge pre-stresed concrete box girder bridge has been carried out, the Gröndals Bridge.

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The bridge is located in Stockholm and is approximately m in length with a free span of m. It was opened to tram traffic in year Just after opening cracks were noticed in the webs, these cracks have then increased, the size of the largest cracks exceeded 0.

This was carried out with externally placed prestressed steel stays.

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The reason for cracking is quite clear but the responsibility is still debated. Nevertheless, it was evidently that the bridge needed to be strengthened. The strengthening was carried out during year At the same time monitoring of the bridge commenced, using LVDT crack gauges as well as optical fibre sensors.

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