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Kuukiiriekimbust kööki kargas öö. Ta lõõtsutas päris Türklase kuklasse. Peate klõpsama nupul "tellimused" Kliki "administraator" Platvorm näitab teile a kõigi kanalite täielik loetelu mille olete tellinud. Toetas nii, nagu pea kaaluks nüüd väga palju, ja kiikus.

A condensation coefficient equal to unity is expected from these theories, except Armand and Yu and Soo, when the temperature of the gas impinging on its own solid phase is equal or less than K. However the agreement must be interpreted for the more sophisticated theories of Armand and Yu and Soo.

Regarding the sublimation of the rare gases one is faced with the theories of Salter, Eyring, Goodman and Armand.

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Within an order of magnitude the experimental data given here agree with the expected values. Moreover Armand theory is able to give the physical meaning of the observed results for argon sublimation from a krypton or a xenon crystalline substrate: localized modes of surface Binaarne OPCion Company SRA occur.

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Trading Marketing System relaxation time for the thermalization of the argon deposit is found greater than twelve hours at 25 K.

Ces theories, sauf les deux dernieres, prevoient un coefficient de condensation egal a 1 lorsque le gaz incident sur son propre solide a une temperature inferieure ou egale a K. Cet accord doit cependant etre interprete pour les theories plus completes d'Armand d'une part, Yu et Soo d'autre part. Pour la sublimation des gaz rares on se trouve en presence des theories de Salter, Eyring, Goodman et Armand.

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