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The Unit is a Mobile Self-loading Mixer powered with 4x4 Wheel Drive traction which incorporates both batching and mixing operations. Britain, Blair wrote, plays a central role as bridge between the US and Europe and is doing everything it can to bring them closer together, particularly over Iraq. Sellega seoses ilmus ka üldisemat laadi kirjutisi antud teemal. Electronicweighing system Load Cells with printer. This feature enables to use the Kimera mixers even for large interventions with huge quantities of concrete. Topchikha, Attachment 1.

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EU's top immigration official Franco Frattini said the EU executive would launch a public debate on legal migration and link it with the efforts to boost sluggish Europe's economic growth. Reuters, Reuters, 1. Le Figaro newspaper said Chirac could hold referendum by mid-June.

Фонд электронных границ, воспользовавшись вспыхнувшим скандалом, поносил конгресс за проявленную наивность и назвал АНБ величайшей угрозой свободному миру со времен Гитлера. Новый стандарт шифрования приказал долго жить. Никому не показалось удивительным, что два дня спустя АНБ приняло Грега Хейла на работу.

Reuters, 3. Afp, 8. During January we will have every chance to gain approval.

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He scoffed at Front Office FX MM Trading System fears about the new constitutional treaty for the bloc, and said a yes vote in its favour would be nothing less than "patriotic". Afp, 7. This threat of stalemate is currently my biggest worry," Juncker added. Reuters, 9. Reuters, 2. Pieter Feith, an adviser to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, also said he thought it highly unlikely that Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic, wanted by the Hague war crimes tribunal on genocide charges, would still be on the run by then.

NATO cites three reasons for the residual force: continuing the manhunt for the likes of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and his army chief Ratko Mladic; helping Bosnia beef up its defence reforms, and fighting terrorism.

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Afp ,1. De Hoop Scheffer underlined "the importance of territorial integrity of Ukraine. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana urged all parties in the crisis-wracked country to respect the ruling. The negotiations "around December 15" will focus on establishing an agreement for economic, trade, security and nuclear cooperation, foreign ministry said.

Afp, We don't have a candidate. The Kremlin chief "has no right to interfere in Ukraine, nor do we," Solana said.

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Reuters, 8. He listed a series of issues that required attention, notably regulations for cargo transport to Russia's enclave of Kaliningrad and with better protections for ethnic Russians in the Baltic states. The Chinese side welcomed the positive signal," the EU and China said in a joint statement issued after a summit in the Netherlands.

MBK mobiilpank kaardid. Pakub omanikele teabeteenuste osutamist rahvusvahelised kaardid Sberbank mobiiltelefonides; MBE mobiilse pangahoiused. Pakub suhtlemist panga kliendiga, saades ja saatke SMS-sõnumeid, USSD-päringuid ja push-teatisi, et teavitada kliente täiuslikest toimingutest ja toimivust aktiivsed toimingud kliendi kontodel ja kaartidel; Au Sirius iseteeninduse integreerimise süsteem. Pakub iseteeninduse seadme koostoime tsentraliseeritud kujunemist kliendiga; Kliendi pakutava klienditeeninduse spetsifikatsiooni haldamine, äriteenuste osutamine iseteenindusega seadmele; Au autoplaadid pakkudes klientidele pangateenuseid pangakaartide automaatsete sularahata maksete jaoks mobiilsideoperaatoritele; Vahelduvvoolu leppimine toimingute leppimine iseteenindusega seadmetes ; AS SMSO on süsteemi süsteemide töö jälgimise süsteem, mis hallata panga rajoonides kliendi järjekorda elektrooniline järjekord. Tsentraliseeritud aruandluse konstrueerimine Vastavalt järjekorda juhtimissüsteemide andmetele; AC EPS ühekordne maksesüsteem.

Powell said the US and Europe had to come together anew to respond to new threats and challenges and promote democracy. Britain, Blair wrote, plays a central role as bridge between the US and Europe and is doing everything it can to bring them closer together, particularly over Iraq.

Self- loading concrete mixer, continuous mobile concrete plant and contcrete pump to produce and distributing fresh concrete. Our ultimate goal is advancequality and profesional standard within Indonesias construction and infrastructural sector through our offering of innovative products. Helping customer to achieve the lowest cost and deliver quality machinery as well as integrated solutions and services, and thus become the channel of choice for efficient, reliable and innovative contruction technology and equipment. The Unit is a Mobile Self-loading Mixer powered with 4x4 Wheel Drive traction which incorporates both batching and mixing operations. The Unit can produce and deliver fresh concrete right on the site whenever and wherever is needed.

A short-term freeze is what we are stressing," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said. The first so-called action plans include the possibility for the seven to take part in EU programs and participate in the European Single Market. Afp, 9.

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Puudutades viisavabadust ELi ja Venemaa vahel lisas Solana, et seda küsimust vaadeldakse esialgu ikkagi veel kui pikemaajalist perspektiivi. Ka arvas ELi esindaja, et sündmused Ukrainas ei mõjuta negatiivselt ühenduse suhteid Moskvaga. Interfax, 1. Interfax, 8. Läbirääkimiste objektiks on hetkel rida reguleerimata küsimusi nagu Kaliningradi transiit, venekeelse elanikkonna olukord Eestis ja Lätis, viisarežiimi lihtsustamine.

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RIA-Novosti, 9. The draft, circulated by the Dutch EU presidency left the crucial wording of the decision on whether and when to open entry negotiations with Ankara blank for leaders to fill in at a Dec.

There is still no settlement on Cyprus.

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While there is no settlement there is no recognition," the state Anatolian news agency Front Office FX MM Trading System FM Abdullah Gul as saying. He has said any entry talks with Turkey should include a range of potential outcomes that could fall short of full EU membership.

Bulgaria provisionally completed its EU membership negotiations earlier this year, while Romania is hoping to have have done so in time for next month's summit. Croatia hopes to begin negotiations in the first half of next year, but this has been called into question by its failure to hand over a key suspect to the International Criminal Tribunal on former Yugoslavia ICTY in The Hague. It would be a positive example for the rest of the Muslim world," he said.

Afp, 6. The EU is expected to give a green light for Ankara to start entry talks, but set out a series of tough conditions and warn that the process will take at least a decade is not "guaranteed" to result in EU membership.

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The draft also underlines the need for the EC to monitor reforms by Turkey if it wins a green light to start entry talks. Erdogan also said that EU leaders must offer Turkey full membership, a clear date for starting talks and set no special conditions for it to join.

Cyprus' EU representative warned that Nicosia "may be pushed down a path it does not want to take" if Ankara refused to recognise it.

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Other dailies carried similar reports. There could be another scenario, one of difficulties, where Turkey could not meet the entry criteria. Balkenende said there were still concerns about Turkey's implementation of EU law, freedom of religion and the consequences for the EU labour market.

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We mustn't change the rules of the game.