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A9 Jul 31, In Indonesia at least 62 people were killed when a mudslide buried the village of Sambulu. Robert A. Army established the Military Police Corps. Allowable costs are costs that are necessary and reasonable for accomplishment of approved Wright's associates were tracked down, arrested, tried and convicted in Paris in Medvedev said that he had signed an anticorruption plan and that he was serious about clamping down on graft.

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The labeling of any OTC ophthalmic demulcent drug product provided to health professionals but The labeling provided to health professionals but not to the general public may contain the Emissions Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines § Except as provided under § Allowable costs are costs that are necessary and reasonable for accomplishment of approved Power is Its founders focused on Gen.

Francisco Franco's suppression of the Basque language and culture. Rowling, British writer, was born in Yate, Gloucestershire. She became famous for her Harry Potter fantasy series. Two of the men convicted, Louis Greco and Henry Tameleo, died behind bars.

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The others, Peter Limone 73 and Joseph Salvati 74 spent three decades in prison. Robert Beausoleil, a follower of Charles Manson, was also convicted in the slaying of Hinman.

Zheng, Guoxing; Mühlenbernd, Holger; Kenney, Mitchell; Li, Guixin; Zentgraf, Thomas; Zhang, Shuang Surfaces covered by ultrathin plasmonic structures--so-called metasurfaces--have recently been shown to be capable of completely controlling the phase of light, representing a new paradigm for the design of innovative optical elements such as ultrathin flat lenses, directional couplers for surface plasmon polaritons and wave plate vortex beam generation. Among the various types of metasurfaces, geometric metasurfaces, which consist of an array of plasmonic nanorods with spatially varying orientations, have shown superior phase control due to the geometric nature of their phase profile. Metasurfaces have recently been used to make computer-generated holograms, but the hologram efficiency remained too low at visible wavelengths for practical purposes. The level-phase computer-generated hologram demonstrated here combines the advantages of a geometric metasurface for the superior control of the phase profile and of reflectarrays for achieving high polarization conversion efficiency. Specifically, the design of the hologram integrates a ground metal plane with a geometric metasurface that enhances the conversion efficiency between the two circular polarization states, leading to high diffraction efficiency without complicating the fabrication process.

A4 Jul 31, Apollo 15 astronauts Dave Scott took a drive on the moon in their land rover. Eagleton was chosen by the Democratic Party convention and presidential candidate George McGovern on July 31, as the Vice presidential candidate. He withdrew from the Democratic Party ticket because of publicity surrounding his hospitalization for psychiatric treatment. The senator from Missouri was asked to withdraw by McGovern after reporters discovered and published information about his three hospitalizations for psychiatric disorders.

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There an international navigator was taken aboard, and the plane was flown to Algeria, where the hijackers sought asylum. Wright's associates were tracked down, arrested, tried and convicted in Paris in In a court case was reopened following allegations that Rev.

Jim Chesney d. In a new report said the British government and the Roman Catholic church colluded to cover up the involvement of Rev. Jim Chesney.

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China joined in April, Play resumed on August 9 with the All-Star game. Manuel Noriega succeeded Torrijos. Callahan 45 was fatally shot in Miami by mob hit man John Martorano.

In former FBI agent John Connolly was convicted of 2nd degree murder for leaking information to mobsters that led to the shooting death of Callahan. In Jan,Connolly was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The Saudi government blamed Iranians for the resulting deaths. Hussein renounced claims to the West Bank, paving the way for new elections and reforms.

Higgins dangling from a rope, a day after his kidnappers threatened to kill him. The city established a five year lease with the Univ.

The agreement included the deactivation and removal by May,of Minuteman II missiles in Missouri. The treaty was set to expire in Dec, It was just part of the massive flooding throughout the Midwest.

A20 Jul 31, A U. Security Council voted with 2 abstentions to authorize member states to use "all necessary means" to oust the military leadership in Haiti. Clinton's announcement that he would sign it, 98 Democrats joined the House's Republican majority to pass a historic welfare overhaul bill.

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The White House won agreement with key Republican lawmakers on a package of anti-terrorism measures. He was the 8th in 2 years. A8,10 Jul 31, In South Africa rush-hour crowds panicked when guards used electric prods to drive off fare-beaters. At least 15 died and 65 were injured in a stampede. A1 Jul 31, In New York City, police seized five bombs believed bound for terrorist attacks on city subways. In Khalil was acquitted and Gazi Ibrahim Aby Mezer was convicted of plotting to bomb a subway station.

Denmark was named the least corrupt. B3 Jul 31, President Clinton said he would "completely and truthfully" answer prosecutors' questions about Monica Lewinsky in testimony to be beamed by closed-circuit television to a grand jury. A8 Jul 31, In Algeria 6 civilians were killed and 23 wounded in 2 overnight attacks.

In Malakou village in Tiaret province 4 villagers had their throats cut and in Algiers a parcel bomb killed 2. The bribes were to be confiscated and handed over to the state treasury. D2 Jul 31, The Canadian dollar hit a historical low of D3 Jul 31, Talks between India and Pakistan broke down following border fighting in Kashmir that killed 50 people.

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A1 Jul 31, In Japan Asa Takii, the oldest person in the country and a survivor of the Hiroshima blast, died at age A19 Jul 31, In Kosovo refugees fled Serb attacks one day after Serbia declared that the military offensive was over.

A report was due in October. They hoped to churn up some water vapor for possible detection. Evidence of the crash at PDT was not detected. A3 Jul 31, Chicago authorities said as many as 46 more residents had died as a result of a relentless heat wave that enveloped much of the nation and produced the hottest July on record in New York City. A5 Jul 31, Chinese authorities seized a Taiwanese freighter near the Taiwanese military post of Matsu Island with accusations of smuggling.

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A10 Jul 31, The Ukraine and the US agreed to extend the nuclear weapon and ballistic missile dismantling program for 6 years. In the Library of America published a 2-volume edition of his fiction. W6 www. Charles Taylor of Liberia and Pres. He was a former deputy chairman of the national legislature and headed the southern region of Guangxi from Over the last week 48 people were executed for drug trafficking.

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Kejie was executed in Sept. Prime Minister Barak survived an attempt to oust his government. A1 Jul 31, North and South Korea agreed to reopen border liaison offices and reconnect a railway linking their capitals. A8 Jul 31, Yugoslavia announced that it had arrested 4 Dutch men for plotting to kidnap or kill Pres.

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A1 Jul 31, In Zimbabwe Vice President Joseph Msika announced that 3, white-owned farms would be resettled by landless black families. A13 Jul 31, Pres. Bush issued Executive Order It instructed government agencies that used external standby power devices to purchase products that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode.

A1 Jul 31, Poul Anderson, science fiction writer, died at age A1 Jul 31, In Colombia 4 rebels and 2 soldiers were killed in fighting in southern and northwestern areas. A9 Jul 31, In Indonesia at least 62 people were killed when a mudslide buried the village of Sambulu.

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At least 35 people were killed and some missing. A7 Jul 31, Russian commandos freed 25 [41] hostages held by 2 hijackers in Mineralniye Vody, Chechnya.

Ignatius of Loyola 65founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit order of Catholic priests and brothers, died in Rome. This patent was signed by then President George Washington. The first 10, patents, issued between andwere destroyed by a fire.

A1 Jul 31, The US Senate rejected a Medicare drug-benefit bill but passed a bill to speed generic drugs to market. A1 Jul 31, US court papers alleged that Russia's Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov 53 used his influence with members of the Russian and French skating federations to fix the outcome of the pairs and ice dancing competitions at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics last February. Tokhtakhounov was arrested in Italy.

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One woman later died from her injuries. On August 3, seven people were charged with 1st degree murder.

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In Antonio Fort 16 was cleared of 34 charges, including first-degree murder. Fort had been charged as an adult. Secretary of State Colin Powell met his North Korean counterpart for an informal chat, as easing inter-Korean tensions stole the spotlight at an Asia-Pacific security forum.

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  4. Arvustused Goodreads'ist Representing the definitive reference work for this broad and dynamic field, The International Encyclopedia of Geography arises from an unprecedented collaboration between Wiley and the American Association of Geographers AAG to review and define the concepts, research, and techniques in geography and interrelated fields.
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Secretary of State Colin Powell ahead of his visit to Indonesia. Hamas claimed responsibility. The dead included a peace activist named Dafna, who was a close friend of Israeli novelist Avraham Yehoshua.

A14 Jul 31, Two of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's daughters and their nine children were granted refuge in Jordan.

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The legislation was enacted for one year. A20 Jul 31, In Nepal monsoon rains triggered landslides, killing at least 48 villagers over the last 2 days, burying houses and blocking a key highway. She had appeared in over films and 40 TV shows. B6 Jul 31, In southern Afghanistan gunmen killed a local government leader and four of his bodyguards in an ambush. Luciano Liboni had allegedly killed a policeman July B6 Jul 31, In Poland somepeople gathered for the 10th annual weekend concert called Woodstock in Kostrzyn.

It estimated 8, allegations of sexual violence in American jails in The vessel sank evenly to its resting point about feet beneath the surface to become an artificial reef and a major diving attraction. Schwarzenegger committed to a number of actions to fight global warming including a look for market-based ways to stem emissions of the gases believed to cause global warming.