Unified Trading System Scandinavia AB.

After these successful collaborations, we are once again pleased to publish a report carried out with Baltic management. Thus, MIDAS enhances the operational safety, as well as the planning and scheduling process for these facilities. This piece of equipment cost 9.

In we are releasing our sixth report. VKG communicates with the local people open-mindedly.

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Every year several meetings with the locals take place, the main topic of which is the environment and the development of the group. One of the first Estonian civil initiatives in the field of environmental protection also originates from Ida-Virumaa, namely the PurFest festival, the aim of which is to protect the Purtse River and to involve local people into its protection.

VKG has been supporting the initiative and assisting it for years.

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Several times a year the group holds the so-called Open Doors Day. We Valikud Trade pildid offer an opportunity for comprehensive schools to organise excursions and study trips to the factory.

Inca students visited our facility. Every year, on the last Thursday of May, the traditional Day of the Environment is held, which deals with one of the most important problems in the area.

Kripovaliut, mis te investeerite ja koodi Kaubandussusteem AG.

The event is visited by the most prominent figures of Virumaa and Estonia as a whole, by local citizens, and the people who are in charge of the environmental issues.

Inthe main topic was the resource and taxation policy in the oil shale sector. Unfortunately, this event is not going to take place inbecause of the crisis in the oil shale sector. However, we are looking forward to reviving this tradition in The employees of the group take active part in voluntary Unified Trading System Scandinavia AB charity events — we hold topic-based donation campaigns, tree-planting activities and other events, and provide assistance to orphanages in the area.

1.2 District heating today

Public events held by the Group within a year: The Chemist´s Day — every year on the last Saturday of May a public event takes place at the initiative of VKG in cooperation with the largest enterprises operating in the chemical industry in the area, such as Molycorp Silmet, Eastman, Novotrade Invest. The tradition of celebrating the Chemist´s Day was re-established in This annual large-scale public event takes place on the last Sunday in August. This event enables the Group to make a deep bow of respect both to the miners and to all of the other people living in the area.

Inover 30, people took part in the event. Both the people who were working in the oil shale Unified Trading System Scandinavia AB for a long time and other elderly people, who have made a contribution into the development and improvement of the area, take part in this event. For the Group, the meetings with the locals are of particular importance, since they provide the Management Board with an opportunity to share the information about the development and plans of the company with the people as well as to get feedback and comments from them and to answer their questions related to the activities of the Group.

The meetings take place both according to the schedule and at the request of the Group or the locals.

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Industry dialogue with the public sector of the region Ida-Viru region is characterized by the integration of the oil shale industry into the socio-economic development, and their mutual influence. Industry advancements, but also crises, are to be immediately felt particularly strongly in the municipality situated within the business area of the company - such as VKG Group and Kohtla-Jarve city.

The region is constantly seeking balance between social, economic, and environmental protection standpoints, where public and reliable dialogue between participants is important.

VKG conducts ongoing environmental monitoring.

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VKG develops resource-conservative and environment friendly fields of technology and implements those into its production processes. VKG provides the public with regular reports about its activities. VKG ensures safe and comfortable work environment for its employees.

VKG has initiated motivational and developmental systems for its employees. VKG supports the trade union in its activities, offers additional benefits for its employees and supports the ongoing dialogue between the management team and the employees. VKG promotes the idea of everyone accepting responsibility for their work: everything depends on everyone.

VKG employs internationally recognised principles of social responsibility. VKG pays special attention to regional development, keeping active contact with the local authorities and residents. VKG supports important regional projects, especially cultural and sports event.

VKG is a trustworthy partner for the state, for local authorities and for its business partners. VKG promotes the principles of social responsibility and recognises the fact that it cannot be a single actor.

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Environment Protection Environment Protection VKG pays much attention to the environment protection in its activities. The main priorities are the prevention or minimisation of environmental impacts resulting from the production activities.

Lisama Vars Unilateral declaration by the European Union at the time of the approval of the Hague Convention of 23 November on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance Ühepoolne deklaratsioon, mille Euroopa Liit esitab laste ja teiste pereliikmete elatise rahvusvahelise sissenõudmise Lepingu tüüptingimus ning tarbijalepingus eraldi kokku leppimata lepingutingimus on ebaõiglane, kui selles on poolte lepingust tulenevad õigused ja kohustused kindlaks määratud hea usu ja õigluse põhimõtet rikkudes, ühepoolselt ja põhjendamata, tingimuse välja töötanud poolega lepingu sõlmiva poole kahjuks.

The environmental mission of the group is the efficient consumption of the oil shale resource and the revelation of its ultimate potential through the implementation of the best possible technology.

The aim of the environmental policy of VKG is to operate on the basis of the common management system for the benefit of the preservation of the environment that is rich in species and the rational use of natural resources. The Group has developed a unified environmental policy, based on the following principles: 1 Acting upon an environmental management system conforming to the international standard ISO Investments into environment protection Viru Keemia Group AS has an environmental priority of reducing the environmental impacts and of adding value to oil shale as an earth deposit.

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Investments into best available technology and environment protection, participation in the development Unified Trading System Scandinavia AB legislation, monitoring the production process and the environment, modelling the outside atmosphere, optimising the production process, and increasing the energy efficiency are the means by which the Group ensures sustainable development of shale oil production.

The Group follows the requirements prescribed in the legislation, takes into account the relevant opinions of various interested parties, and acts as a reliable partner for state institutions, local governments and the local community.

VKG considers it important to have good cooperation with the research and development institutions. The recent years have seen much work being done for the benefit of environment; tens of millions of Unified Trading System Scandinavia AB have been invested and significant shifts towards more environment-friendly production have been made.

At the same time, the legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Estonia and the increasing production needs are setting higher and higher requirements and new, higher environmental targets for the enterprises of the Group.

Tähis: ETH. Binaarsete optsioonide meetodid adam grove bitcoini kaupleja filip haamriga kühveldab Het boek "Lichamelijke Oefening" van Midas Dekkers heeft heel wat stof doen opwaaien de afgelopen maanden. Dit artikel is een kuidas investeerida bitcoini investeerimisfondidesse analyse van het boek, en of de ophef die het heeft veroorzaakt terecht is. Mida teha tumeda minevikuga? Marek Laane.

The new legal framework imposes an obligation to conform to the requirements of the best possible technology BPTin addition to the end-of-pipe technologies in previous reports, the investments into environment were presented in the form of a graph.

It means that now the investments into the protection of environment are considered on a much larger scale than before.


This is why the methods for calculation of investments into environment, used by the companies covered by the IEA, have changed. Now these investments also include the investments into the development of environmentally-friendly technologies. On the basis of the new method, the graphs representing the investments into environment have also changed, which is why it is not possible to compare them with the earlier graphs.

  • In we are releasing our sixth report.
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  • Researchers will now be able to manufacture strains of influenza, Sars and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Mers in the lab.
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  • Foreword For a long time, Nordic Energy Research and the Baltic countries have worked closely to develop a thriving exchange of knowledge that adds value to the Nordic-Baltic region.
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On the basis of the new method, the investments into environment are now divided into two categories: the investments that reduce the effect on the environment directly, the investments that reduce the effect on the environment indirectly.

The investments that reduce the effect on the environment directly include such investments which provide immediate effect on the environment. They include, for example, the so-called end-of-pipe investments trapping equipmentthe renovation of tank fleets, closing the existing sources of pollution, or the investments aimed at the reduction, waste disposal, etc.

The investments that reduce the effect on the environment indirectly include the activities which help to reduce the effect on the environment as a result of the long-term ongoing activities. They include the investments in the BPT, into the development and implementation of new environmentally-friendly and efficient technologies, the technologies that facilitate the rational use of resources, the implementation of relevant measures, etc. The amount of environmental investments increased in by ca.

VKG´s mission

Inthe largest investments were made into the construction of the sulphur trap at VKG Energia. This piece of equipment cost 9. Inthe volume of environmental investments decreased due to economic recession. In andthe amount of environmental investments directly reducing the environmental impact was still quite moderate, the reason for which was the completion of large-scale environmental projects in and large amounts of investments into the development activities.

In the course of planning and implementing the development activities the principles of environmental protection, energy efficiency, and sustainable development are taken into consideration as the integral parts of planning and implementing.

Inthe amount of investments reducing the environmental impact directly was The main investments in were made into closing the hazardous waste storage site, closing the old heat and power plant in Ahtme, building the oil shale belt conveyor, and acquiring the sulphur trap.

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In the yearVKG directly invested a total of approximately Inthe amount of environmental investments that directly reduce the effect on environment was 8. The reason for that has been a significant increase in the amount of investments into the development of the Best Olympic keeldumise voimalused Techniques and the sustainable and efficient use of resources. The largest environmental investments in were: The construction of the sulphur trapping unit at VKG Energia.

Bitcoini investeerimise eel- ja vastuargumendid

The unit cost 9. As usual, large investments were made into the development of environmentally-friendly technologies and boosting the efficiency of the sustainable use of resources, upon the planning of which the requirements listed in the Best Available Techniques Reference Documents were taken into account as well as the limit values which are becoming stricter year after year.

Besides, the system of coarse purification of industrial waters has been set in order, and several trapping units for eliminating the unpleasant odour have been assembled and installed.

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In addition to that, a considerable amount of investments was made into enhancing the efficiency of boilers at VKG Energia. In the following years, it is expected that the amount of environmental investments aimed at the direct reduction of environmental effect will increase, since VKG Energia is planning to launch the third sulphur trapping unit.

Besides, the technologies enhancing energy efficiency should also be developed on a regular basis. The main environmental trends in were the participation in the development of the Oil Shale Processing Best Available Techniques Reference Document, the updating and implementation of the programme for elimination of the sources of pollution that cause unpleasant odour, implementation of the action plan aimed at the reduction of sulphur emissions, more efficient collection and monitoring of the data connected with the environmental monitoring, arrangement of hazardous waste landfills, and the updating of the technologies connected with the handling of wastewaters.

Investments that reduce the environmental impact directly mln Eur occupational safety, trapping equipment, reducing the number of pollution sources, other projects that reduce the environmental impact directly