Minu too Birzas.

Minu elu parim investeering kui arvestada ainult neid investeeringuid, kust kasum on juba vlja vetud on olnud Hansapanga aktsia. Take a closer look at the offer. Investeering pulsatsiooni. Specialists from the LES arrived at the company and organised a meeting with the employees warned about dismissal.

Sometimes trade unions participate in the activities organised by the LES. Effectiveness It is a good means to provide direct and up-to-date support for those facing a dismissal.

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Normally, the measure is applied in case of mass dismissals, however there is no available information on the effectiveness of the measure.

Strengths It ensures direct personal communication, and the possibility to provide workers with all the available support in the region.

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It is especially effective if social partners actively participate in it. Weaknesses Sometimes, representatives from the LES are not able to provide any real support as the existing labour market opportunities are very limited.

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In these cases, the activities of the mini labour exchange risk to be rather formal. Näited On 28 Novemberthe LES received a notification from Matuizų plytinė about the planned dismissal of 24 employees starting with 2 January Specialists from the LES arrived at the company and organised a meeting with the employees warned about dismissal.

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During the meeting, specialists from the LES provided information on employment opportunities in Lithuania, vacancies, job search methods, and the procedure for registration with the LES. Also, the employer of Matuizų plytinė, with the consent of the employees, sent a list of employees to the LES specialist, indicating their work experience and contacts: the LES specialist contacted other employers of the Binaarne kaubanduse strateegia 2021 regarding the employment opportunities of the warned employees.

Furthermore, the cooperation between Matuizų plytinė and Vilniaus Baldai was initiated: the employer of Vilniaus Baldai provided the persons warned Minu too Birzas dismissal with information about vacancies and the nature of work in their company.

As a result of the measure, 5 of the warned employees were employed in other companies, 2 - participated in the employment support programme, and 3 - participated in the vocational training measure.

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