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But, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. By the looks of this march in Washington, D. You're paid very little. I just knew I didn't want to get married right then.

They are deadly serious.


What they are demanding is a greater share in the political power of this nation. I like having a man hold my coat, open the door for me, all the little things that I think are important to a woman. We're not trying to do to men what men have done to us. We're trying to humanize both roles. Anthony said our job is not to make young women grateful, it's to make them ungrateful. So they keep going.

Слева послышался звон разбитого стекла. Беккер повернулся и увидел человека в красном одеянии.

We're not going to stop. Well, a feminist is what the dictionary says which is a person, male or female, who believes in the full social, economic, political equality of women and men, and I would say also act on it.

When I first came to New York and tried to get an apartment, I discovered that landlords felt single women were not financially responsible, and if you could earn enough, you must be a hooker.

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The first year I freelanced, I spent a lot of time sleeping on the living room floors of my friends. I think that back then I'm not sure I knew what feminism was. I mean, you know, I had had one sentence in my textbook somewhere in the past that said women were given the vote. I thought it was all finished, it was all won, and if I was still having a lot of difficulty, it must be my personal fault.

And so, we didn't feel we had the right to be equal or to be angry. It was the '50s, and the women in college were still being educated to be mothers and the wives of executives and so on.

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And we were not learning about anything that had to do with women's own status in society. As a journalist, I wanted to write about what I was interested in, and that was politics.

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But there weren't so many women who were political reporters then, pretty few really. I wrote some unsigned pieces, what to do on dates in New York and how to cook without really cooking for men. I mean, you know, all kinds of frivolous but funny things. And then I did this bunny assignment. It was not the glamorous place that Hugh Hefner was trying to sell it as.

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I went to write a story, I changed my name and went -- I thought I would get through, you know, a few auditions and write about the auditions but they were so desperate for people it kept going on and on and I ended up working off and on for about a month. I was hired but I had to go through the training course which is at your own expense.

There we go. Fast, fast. A real high carry.

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Whoops, there we go. There was nothing fun about it. It's really hard work.

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You know, you're carrying trays. You have three- inch high hills on. You're paid very little.

Так что вы хотите сказать. Джабба заглянул в распечатку. - Вот что я хочу сказать. Червь Танкадо не нацелен на наш банк данных.

The trays are heavy. Your feet hurt. Black King Trading System learned what it's like to be hung on a meat hook.

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That's essentially the emotional experience of walking around in a costume that's so tight it would give a man a cleavage. Ettevotte aktsiate eelised ja puudused response to the article was amazing because the club was new then, and it was kind of blowing the whistle on the glamour of the club.

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I regretted for many Black King Trading System having done it because it made me unserious, but as feminism began FTSE kauplemissusteem dawn on my brain belatedly in life, I became glad I did it. I didn't exactly consciously know that I didn't want to get married. - Transcripts

I just knew I didn't want to get married right then. Well, next question.

Why not? I think you imagine what it would be like to be married to people you're going out with or people you meet.

Even if it's only for a second, think about it. Don't you think about it? Maybe it's a ladies thing. I don't know. People ask me why I'm not married. I just say I can't be in captivity.

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