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Avaliaram-se as variáveis referentes à sintomatologia da doença. Besides, the occurrence Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden Anne-Siri Fismen Full Text Available In the Nordic countries, substantial policy and intervention efforts have been made to increase adolescents' consumption of fruit and vegetables and to reduce their intake of sweets and soft drinks. The software also supplies a large set of utilities that greatly ease the interaction and debugging of a running system. Vegetable consumption increased particularly in Denmark and to a lesser extent in Norway, whereas Sweden and Finland displayed stable trends. Some initiatives have been formulated in a Nordic collaboration and implemented at national level. Manifestações gerais como febre, cefaléia, prostração, mialgia, náuseas e dor retro-orbitária tiveram alta incidência tanto no dengue clássico como no dengue hemorrágico.

Neto, André C. The boundary between hardware drivers, system services, and user code is commonly not well defined, making the development in Cougar Trading System Brasil target host significantly difficult.

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The Multithreaded Application Real-Time executor MARTe is a framework built over a multiplatform library that allows the execution of the same code in different operating systems.

The framework provides the high-level interfaces with hardware, external configuration programs, and user interfaces, assuring at the same time hard real-time performances.

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  • Clarisse Guimarães Casali Full Text Available O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a ocorrência dos principais sinais e sintomas dos casos de dengue clássico e dengue hemorrágico na epidemia de do município do Rio de Janeiro.
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  • Neto, André C.
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End-users of the framework are required to define and implement algorithms inside a well-defined block of software, named Generic Application Module GAMthat is executed by the real-time scheduler. Each GAM is reconfigurable with a set of predefined configuration meta-parameters and interchanges information using a set of data pipes that are provided as inputs and required as output.

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Using these connections, different GAMs can be chained either in series or parallel. GAMs can be developed and debugged in a non-real-time system and, only once the robustness of the code and correctness of the algorithm are verified, deployed to the real-time system.

The software also supplies a large set of utilities that greatly ease the interaction and debugging of a running system. MARTe is currently being used to successfully drive the plasma vertical stabilization controller on the largest magnetic confinement fusion device in the world, with a control loop cycle of 50?

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