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Support technical disaster. I was under the planned 3. I am a customer for about a month and I have no complain. I can't imagine when they have to do some thing free.

Erinevatele klientidele meeldib maksta erineval viisil ja Host Gator võimaldab teil neid kõiki MPLAYER OPTIONS TRADING võtta Saatejuht Gator vähe sõnu Siin HostGatoris on veebimajutuse skaalad lihtsast asjatundjaks. Eksperdid MPLAYER OPTIONS TRADING seda saiti hostimiseks. Eben Asare Boafo Aug 24, i am impressed by their uptime and their customer care.

My websites are always up and that is very good, after getting disappointed by another company Michael Jul 22, I think it is great.

I am a customer for about a month and I have no complain. I hope all these negative comments to be just isolated events because I have nothing more than a good experience working with them.

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The service is good. Even when the servers are overload the downtime lasts for about a few seconds while in other hosts your page would be off for hours. The customer service is great, It could be faster but once I called them cause I messed up the php code, theretofore my site broke.

They fixed it, while this was not their job.

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It was my fault and I had to do it. They know what to do, but it would be better if they improve. Price: I think it is ok, for me 7 dollars per month is about 5 euro, a really insignificant price. Nothing is perfect anyway a Jorge Torres Jul 21, I described this way because this provider accused one of my clients a reseller plan to make spam.

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You cancel the account without proving that my client has sent mass mails. This caused serious economic problems.

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Support technical disaster. Security problems that had made a change significant number of sites by adding code scripts dangerous. This time neither take responsibility. I have a copy of the claims made by ticket to certify what I say.

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Navid Jul 06, Wonderful Host. Fair Customer Service.

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Great Reseller Hosting Options Available. Uptime about Indeed it is tricky to find the small print that it is 9. Now if your site is moderately Kauplemissusteem mitu paeva they cancel your service MPLAYER OPTIONS TRADING refund, it is not very attractive and strongly misleading. I have not signed up after that so no experience in their hosting just about their misleading sales tactics.

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Deshi Host Solutions Host gator is the best one i ever used. Ron Apr 25, I had no problems with HostGator until recently.

I had a dedicated elite server for my sites and they offered me a deal for more bandwidth. Recently, my sites have grown and HostGator tells me they can't honor their deal anymore as their bandwidth bill has gone up.

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I was under the planned 3. Keep in mind, I've had that deal for over a year. I cancelled immediately and found a host that won't screw me over. Don't trust these guys, they steal from loyal customers. I was with them for a couple years and they pulled this crap?

They do overselling but not allow thier resellers to do.

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Fernando Garza Mar 02, I have a reseller account with hostgator, and i can say that i have had problems about 2 or 3 in 1 and a half yearbut Valikud Kaubandus Londonis support they provided was excellent, las time it took about 24 hours to fix something that a client of mine did, but it was all for security reasons. When ever i need support 1 or twice every 3 monthsi get it, and fast.

I've never had my account or my client's account down in the time i have been with them, web pages display fast, e-mails are fast, the only complain i would have is the high costs of dedicated servers, i want MPLAYER OPTIONS TRADING upgrade to that, but my budget doesn't allow it right now.

When i signed up with HostGator my life became a pathway to heaven, iv had almost no problems with my hosting since, i used to have a few issued with the email service but since i put up complaints they worked hard on making sure the problem would get corrected.

When i needed Reversi mangustrateegia of advice i could go MPLAYER OPTIONS TRADING their online chat and just ask the support person directly and get a lightening fast response. But if the problem required more assistance then the person would get me a support ticket and with a few hours my problem would be solved. At most i have h Pascal H Hostgator offers excellent support and features they even throw in free whmcs.

Kaubandussusteem AG.

I also got a good pdf of the webhosting book. Derrick Dec 21, Host Gator is a fine company and there up-time is good.

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There email services seems to go down a lot and I could never find out a reason for this. Their email support really stinks.

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I may not get a responce for many hours or days and the answer is definitely not helpful the first time around. So many emails have to bounce back and forth before the issue is resolved. Host Gator really needs to look carefully at there support services. I met hostgator after using many terrible hosting companys, and i like the service and support of hostgator.

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I didnt had much technical issues, everything works well. I had several sites to host in one account and didnt need a reseller account, and it just fit well.

John G. Aug 24, Very popular hoster with solid offers. Support is quick and available via e-mail, phone, and live chat. Hosting packages are not too special but offer good features for a decent price.

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Overall seems like a pretty reliable hoster. Also the clients send here are unsatisfied by Gator services. I have noticed no interruption in service.

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I have a reseller account Aluminum. My "customers" are all various ministies that I have donated space to.