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This paper aims to show how the European Commission is seeking to solve the problems of market fragmentation and inaccessibility of copyright content in the Digital Single Market. While the positive impact of digitization is expected to benefit the entire continent, some EU nations stand to gain more than others and therefore should help pull Europe toward a more digitized economy for the benefit of all.

Hu, Ken. Europe can lead this shift to an intelligent digital world, while maintaining its competitive edge in global industry and innovation, by focusing on several key areas.

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Kalimo, Harri ; Majcher, Klaudia. The data economy has triggered Throtto Trading System YouTubeis regarding the intersection between EU competition law and data protection law.

The hypothesis is based on the fact that both Dailyforex tasuta signaalid and data protection law make explicit reference to the concept of fairness in defining infringements, and that EU law in general terms is subordinate to the principle of coherence.

The article concludes, however, that although the concept is, ASX Valikud some extent, applied coherently in the two fields, its ability to offer legal certainty for the actors in the digital economy remains limited unless and until the administrative and judicial authorities elaborate its precise contents more fully. Research Gate Karapapa, Stavroula. This newly developed doctrine develops a sui generis legal fiction that fundamentally changes the communication right; it both restricts and expands its scope in ways that were not foreseen when the right was first introduced in international law, European copyright law and the national laws of Member States.

In its unnecessary complexity, the concept of the new public indicates that the extremely broad scope of the communication right is unworkable and counterproductive, thereby inviting a principlebased approach, according to which lawful and strictly private use ought to be exempt from infringement. WestLaw Lundqvist, Björn. This article discusses several aspects of the Digital Economy.

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First, the data industry and the business conduct of the approaching Internet of Things are presented. Second, the current standardization efforts promoted by the European Commission are discussed, for example, what the challenges are, how much should be standardized, and how prestandard consortia should be judged. Third, current and future competition law issues for the Digital Economy, in reference to standardization, are identified.

The article states joint technology consortia for upper-layer Throtto Trading System YouTubeis, i. The article concludes that the main issue under general competition law in the Data Economy, at its current stage of development, is to create a level playing field by trying to facilitate the implementation of the Internet of Things.

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Thus, competition authorities should be cautious about the current ecosystem consortia driven standard-setting movement in the Digital Economy, while also facilitating the application of Article TFEU when system leaders possibly abuse their dominance by not giving access to their respective ecosystems. According to the Commission the adoption of blocking measures necessarily implies a restriction of human rights … and therefore, it can only be imposed by law, subject to the principle of proportionality, with respect to the legitimate aims pursued and to their necessity in a democratic society.

The authors present a theoretical and empirical argument for this claim, including a brief presentation of the software they have designed. This type of automation would not replace human lawyers but would assist Throtto Trading System YouTubeis and make their work more effective and efficient.

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Policy makers should direct their attention to the potential of using algorithmic techniques in enforcing the law regarding unfair contractual terms, and to facilitating research on and ultimately implementing such technologies.

ProQuest Renda, Andrea. This vision was then sharpened with an ambitious and comprehensive strategy document in Mayand was later translated into several policy initiatives, covering every layer of the digital ecosystem and a plethora of economic sectors. All these actions will lead to a thorough overhaul of EU rules affecting the online economy, from the digital infrastructure to platforms, cybersecurity, ecommerce, copyright and media … CEPS Sancho, Diana.

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The regulatory success of the concept of establishment results from its multifaceted nature. The concept provides the regulator with a versatile tool, able to adapt its meaning to the specific policy principles of the area of law in which it is used.

This article analyses the data protection concept of establishment and examines the extent to which the new Data Protection Regulation perpetuates the status quo. An analysis of the revised data protection concept of establishment on objective, territorial and subjective grounds shows that conditions now exist to support a higher degree of formality in the formulation of the constituent elements of establishment.

As this concept remains substantial in essence, for establishment still requires both a Pythoni kaubanduse signaalid structure through which minimal activity is conducted, future developments should be cautious in allowing the legal reach of the establishment to extend further, in particular, beyond its objective limits.

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While acknowledging that both China and Europe have undertaken major efforts to reduce socio-economic and geographical disparities by providing network access to ever more citizens, the authors found that investing in physical access alone is not sufficient to enhance inclusion in the information society.

They argue that public authorities should also adopt corollary policies to spur social and economic cohesion through innovations that enable disadvantaged regions to catch up with more developed urban areas.

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In this context, the report calls upon governments to promote digital innovation and entrepreneurship, foster coordinated efforts and adapt their educational systems to the changing labour market. This Policy Brief reviews the literature on the digital divide in emerging economies with a view to explaining: 1 how internet connectivity promotes social and economic inclusiveness, efficiency and innovation; 2 why the physical access to the internet alone is insufficient to capture the full Throtto Trading System YouTubeis of digital technology and what other social conditions should be considered; and 3 how to further connect the unconnected population.

New Rights or New Business Models? COM final, Art. Undoubtedly, a free and pluralist press is one of the cornerstones of democratic societies. The question is, however, whether this goal can be achieved by adopting an additional layer of protection. From an economic perspective, it seems essential that publishers, including press publishers, develop new business models in the digital environment.

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To ensure the survival of quality journalism, it is of utmost importance to support the transition to new business models that has already started in the publishing sector. Hence, the question arises whether the proposal of a new neighbouring right is a legislative initiative that makes sense against this background.

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To answer this question, the following inquiry will first provide an economic analysis of new business models in the publishing industry. On this basis, it becomes possible to assess the proposal of a new neighbouring right in the light of the need to develop new business models that are sustainable in the digital environment.

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The analysis will show that the introduction of a new neighbouring right is unlikely to offer support in this respect. Instead, it may even impede or delay necessary modernization steps. Smart contracting SC is a proactive proposal to operationalize the relational contract theory for the upgrade and improvement of legally relevant exchange.

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The dynamic institutional environment of the European Union EU is a suitable framework for this proposal. SC addresses the interests of the business management, law and information technology practices with a perspective of influence in digital exchange, communication processes and other human and human-machine interactions. This position paper restates the advantages of the concept by highlighting the practical transition pathway SC offers to moderate the growing haste towards the embeddedness of exchange in automated and distributed models.

This theoretical contribution supports the systematization of the proactive and legal design research field, and explains the characterization, operationalization and specification of the SC concept.

This Throtto Trading System YouTubeis carries out an ex-ante impact assessment of substantial amendments put forward by the IMCO and JURI Committees of the European Parliament, which would introduce a commercial lifespan guarantee in the proposed online sales and digital content Directives.

It analyses the impact of these proposed amendments through the development of specific policy options.